High Country Energy Search

High Country Energy Search is a boutique search group focused on the upstream domestic oil & gas industry.

Our core values are to provide excellent opportunities to our candidates, high performing talent for our clients, and a culture of respect, integrity, and honesty for all parties involved. Our track record of building winning teams for our clients has created long term relationships with some of the most successful E&P companies in the US.

Specializing in Petroleum Engineering, Land, and Geology, our areas of expertise include but are not limited to :



Additional Roles

Landman Reservoir Engineer Geologist
Land Manager Acquisition Engineer Geophysicist
VP – Land Drilling Engineer EHS
Land Administration Production Engineer Safety Manager
Land Technician Completion Engineer Business Development
Land Analyst Environmental Engineer Asset Manager
Divison Order Analyst Facilities Engineer CEO/CFO/COO
Lease Analyst Engineering Technician Revenue Manager