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Hey, I’m Will — Rumor has it I’m the #1 Most Bald-est Startup #DevRecruiter, and I’m excited to be representing yet another early stage STEALTH startup with amazing investors and strong customer traction.  My client is eager to hire a REMOTE or SF based Asynchronous Rust Developers to join a 2 person startup team to help build out the future of real time data sync.

Their product competes with the most recognized CDC / Change Data Capture, ETL, data pipeline, data integration and data movement infrastructure platforms … But they do it in REAL time 20x faster and 8x cheaper. They just raised over 2 Million and are backed by some of SF’s most notable investors.

This role is budgeted for 150K – 200K target salary + 1.0% – 1.5% equity. For the right candidate, my client is willing to consider up to a 250K salary and 2% equity. 

Yes, this is a wide range, and the ultimate offer will be directly commensurate with the skills and experience brought to the table. There is also the opportunity to turn up the salary lever, and down the equity lever, and vice-versa  It is worth mentioning that this is a GROUND up 0-1 startup role, and as such, candidates who believe in what the team is doing and who believe in the strong equity value are mostly likely to be a fit.

The co-founders are in SF (California, US), but they are open to direct-hire candidates anywhere in the US.  For folks outside of the US who bring a strong background with Open Source, Asyn Rust, they are also open to hiring a full time contractor who will be paid a commensurate hourly rate.

1) Deep experience with Rust (specifically Asynchronous Rust)
2) Database Systems (or Log systems) and lots of ETL … (ideally with CDC / Change Data Capture)
3) Strong Open Source Contributions with Rust (For example:
tokio-rs, axum, console, mio, tracing, prost, apache/datafusion, etc)
4) A Startup Mentality (past startup experience would be highly favorable!)

***All 4 of the above are REQUIRED. Resumes that do not demonstrate each of the above requirements will be disregarded.

Our client is looking to hire an Asynchronous Rust  specialist who could hit the ground running right away. Time to build is of the essence here. If hired, you’d be joining the team at the ground level, working with 2 highly successful Co-Founders. They already have a strong pipeline of potential customers and some very real and very well recognized customers. For example, they recently closed a 700K contract with a very well known company (I can’t share, but you can ask in your first interview!) … They have many other notable potential customers in the queue as well. The most immediate problem at hand is building and scaling the product itself.

If this sounds like you, I’d love to connect and chat further about what YOU are looking for in your ideal next opportunity, share further about this particular opportunity.

Drop your resume (AND/OR a summary page linking to your GitHub open source projects), and we’ll connect soon!

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