Are you a highly-driven professional who wants your earning potential to reflect your drive, knowledge, and ability to connect?

At High Country Search Group, we are always looking for individuals with the recruiting and industry experience that makes effective talent acquisition and management possible. Our firm seeks to elevate the hiring experience for employers, candidates, and our recruiters, giving you the resources to learn, grow and change lives—including your own.

If you are interested or just curious about what a recruiting career looks like—High Country can provide the clarity you need.

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We work hard and we play hard. High Country is more than a job; it’s a lifestyle.

From our recruiting team

The talent and backgrounds we are surrounded by at High Country are great to learn from.. people here really know what they are doing. There is no nonsense when it comes to recruiting.

Staffing Recruiter

At High Country, everyone is self-motivated and very collaborative. The culture is unmatched and everyones' incentives are aligned.

Private Equity Recruiter

High Country provided a full 12 weeks paid maternity leave and has provided me with a flexible hybrid schedule so that I can be at home with my daughter.

Operations Manager

The leaders at High Country seem to understand that recruiting is a long term game, a game of people, not money. The leadership at High Country has proven over and over again that they will invest in their people, even at their own financial expense... When you find this kind of rare leadership, its almost impossible to have any reason to leave.

Division Director - Software Engineering

The tenure at High Country is so high because of the culture and team. We are a bunch of hungry, competitive, good hearted, and passionate individuals that pride ourselves on working hard and having fun while doing it.

Staffing Recruiter

High Country leads by example and sets the bar high. There are no leaders that do not contribute/produce themselves. "Do as I do, not just what I say."

Division Director - IT

We are all fortunate to work at High Country. I get to work with people that I like, doing work I love, in a fun atmosphere. Most people don't have one of those things let alone all three.

Director of Operations

I respect all of my peers as professionals, but they are also my best friends. By far and away, the best place I have ever worked. Finding High Country and getting to work here is a blessing in my life and to my family.

F&A Recruiter

Recruiters are given all the tools, support, empowerment, recognition and autonomy needed to be successful. The culture encourages healthy competition inspiring everyone to do their personal best. Through the" ups and downs" of this business you always know you are supported.

Oil and Gas Recruiter

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