We help high-performing oil
and gas leaders
find high-
performing talent.

High Country Energy Search has been a leading provider and curator of talent for the upstream oil & gas industry since 2006. With an uncompromising commitment to quality and ethics, our team looks to strategically partner with hiring managers to build high performance teams and bring exciting new opportunities to candidates. While based in Denver, we actively work in all the major domestic oil & gas markets.

Our team is stable, tenured, and passionate about the energy markets. We bring an in-depth knowledge of hiring trends, macro and micro events, and A&D activity. We pride ourselves on an authentic, honest communication style, and a focus on long term relationships.

As we partner with your company, we view our role as a curator of market talent. We aim to accurately tell your story and vision, and effectively align your needs and principles with qualified and screened candidates. Our goal is to generate a small group of qualified and interested candidates, enabling you to make an educated and timely hiring decision.

Our placement success experience

  • Reservoir Engineer
  • Production Engineer
  • Drilling Engineer
  • Completions Engineer
  • Facilities Engineer
  • Landman
  • Division Order & Lease Analyst
  • Land Administration Manager
  • Engineering & Land Leadership
  • Geologist
  • Regulatory/Environmental/EHS
  • Data Analysts/Engineers

Executive search is done differently
at High Country.

Since 2002, High Country Search Group has provided unmatched access to the top-performing oil, gas and other energy sector professionals that competitive and compliant companies need to secure an advantageous position in these ever-evolving markets. A direct and transparent approach, a commitment to quality, and our ability to form and maintain highly valuable professional relationships has allowed us to become and retain the title of Denver’s premiere boutique search firms within our focused industries.

Over 200 years of combined experience has taught the oil & gas recruitment experts at High Country that if you take the time to listen—to really listen to the clients we help grow and the candidates we introduce to next-level success—creating truly meaningful relationships is just a matter of dedication and diligence.

From our clients

The myriad of elements that come together in the making of a career are as unique as the individual themselves, but High Country Energy Search solves for the most complex of them all, the human connection. I have worked with HCES since they first placed me with a top-tier Houston upstream company more than ten years ago and I haven’t looked back. Over this time-period they have helped me fill every career opportunity in the land and land administration divisions from individual contributors to senior level management professionals. In the last two companies alone, they have placed dozens of candidates, not just in land but also in the engineering and the technical space.

I explain to our human resource leadership the difference with High Country Energy Search is that they strive to understand not only the candidates and the business, but the hiring managers and the organizational culture. They seemingly are not only familiar with everyone in their specialized fields, but their status and their aspirations. Every candidate is screened to be a fit for the manager and the organization. There is no one I would rather work with and there is no one better with whom to work.

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Senior Partner, Executive Recruiter
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Partner, Executive Recruiter
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