We build trust through efficient and effective action. We build relationships through success.

We provide our clients with access to the best candidates and don’t waste their time with anything else.

That’s it. That is our client philosophy and the way we do business.

If you’re looking for a barrage of candidates that could be qualified, that’s not good enough for us. When you chose to partner with High Country, we assume you value precision and efficiency over all—that you expect the best candidate to be presented first with minimal interruption to your already busy schedule.

We are a high-quality, low-volume search firm. You can rely on our experienced and established recruiters to bring to you the absolute best candidates in the marketplace. While our peers may find candidates who are the "best of the unhappy and unemployed,’ we do things differently. Our established and expansive network allows us to directly reach, attract, and secure the top 10 percentile—professionals who are ready to make an impact, and ultimately become the top performers in your organization.

What you can expect working with the recruiters at High Country Search Group.

Founded in 2002, High Country Search Group remains a high touch, high-quality, low-volume alternative to large national search firms. We prioritize forming genuine connections and providing bespoke services to help you grow. By listening to the needs of the best employers and talent and by taking the necessary time and diligence, we can create powerful matches that others may miss.

Based in Denver and working across the country, High Country Search serves the finance, accounting, private equity, software, tech, oil & gas, and staffing spaces.

At High Country, we want to
elevate your search.

At High Country, we want to know your “perfect." What drives you? What motivates you? What’s important to you in terms of management style, job function, job title, company size, team size, and, of course, company and team culture? What are your goals in terms of compensation, benefits, location, and commute? We’ll dive in deep with you, and we’ll also help you uncover many key aspects of your job search that you’d not likely think about on your own.

From there, once we have a firm understanding of who you are and what you are looking to do, only then will we begin to talk to you about how we think we will best be able to assist you. We can’t always get to “perfect," but our team of expert recruiters will work hand-in-hand with you to deal with reality as it comes up.

From our clients

As an HR professional who enjoys recruiting and finding the right candidate to join an organization, it is with great consideration I take a recruiting partner. I recognize that a recruiter has a network of people who would prefer to passively work towards a new position, but that comes with a price. When taking a recruiting partner, I expect a high level of communication between recruiter and organization without overwhelming the organization with candidates. I expect to be heard, and the needs of the organization are valued - finding candidates the organization would view as a good fit. I expect the organization's time, as well as the candidates' time, is respected. I expect to be taking a partner.

Taking a partner like High Country has proven time and time again to be a good business decision. They understand an organizations' needs not just from a skill set perspective, but also from a culture fit... which is becoming so much more important these days, in my opinion. Should the opportunity arise to work with High Country, I highly recommend taking that opportunity. Their level of dedication to their clients (on both sides) is tough to match. 

VP of HR

I’ve worked with High Country for a number of years and the caliber of candidates that they represent is always top-notch. They present candidates with great skillsets, and they are the best around when it comes to vetting the intangibles; matching personalities and culture to place each candidate at a company where they will succeed, and vice versa. The team is also always willing to step in when the urgent need arises, and I value their partnership!

Corporate Controller

I have worked with High Country for more than fifteen years. They know the market, having carefully curated long term relationships with the candidate pool at all levels. They have always listened to what my teams have needed in open roles and they consistently work hard to bring the right candidates to meet those needs.

Global Controller Large Public Company Denver