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From a small town north of Atlanta, Georgia, Jared spent his formative years dedicated to playing hockey, where he was a varsity athlete throughout high school and was named captain his senior year. Due partially to his love of sports, Jared attended The Ohio State University, where he became a Buckeyes fanatic. Upon graduation, Jared packed up all of his belongings and set his sights on Denver to join the High Country team.

Jared’s southern roots shine through, as he always strives to do what is right for his candidates and clients while also treating everyone with the utmost respect. Jared’s work ethic ensures that he is not only dedicated in his strive for excellence, but for the success of his candidates and clients as well. In his free time, Jared loves spending time with his friends and family. Jared considers himself a massive fan of every sport and can be found at any and all sporting events throughout the year.