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Kathleen David

Director of Operations
(720) 221-5224

Kathleen joined High Country in January 2009, with the innocent intention of getting a re-start in the workplace after several years at home with her young boys. Little did she know that she had stumbled upon a fast growing and highly productive recruiting office that perfectly aligned with her talents in back-office management, organization, accounting, technology, marketing, vendor management, and other diverse responsibilities akin to cat-herding. Kathleen’s commitment and ability to handle the many responsibilities and mesh the many personalities that constitute High Country’s candidates, clients, and staff lead to her rise to High Country’s Director of Operations. As proof of her value and her contributions to High Country’s growth, she was named a Partner in 2016.

Kathleen grew up an Air Force Brat but moved to Colorado from Alabama in 2006. She obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Alabama and remains a devoted fan. In her free time, Kathleen likes to ski.