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Will Wegert

Division Director
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Will has built quite the reputation across the US as “Colorado’s #1 Most Bald-est, Direct-Hire #DevRecruiter.” His passion for Software Development began in 2017 when he became captivated by the transformational power of beautifully designed software and the people who’ve dedicated their careers to creating it. As such, Will has been known to represent many of the strongest leaders and most innovative trailblazers in tech and beyond.

For the next 20+ years, Will and his team will continue a highly specialized focus on developing long-term relationships with high-powered software, SaaS, and tech companies. He focuses on helping these companies hire Senior, Lead, Staff, and Principal level Software Engineers and their leadership. Outside of work, Will, his wife Abbie, and his kids, Isaac and Hannah, are constantly soaking up the many things that Colorado has to offer.