Career Shifts, Retention Secrets, and Market Must-Knows

April 17, 2024

For January’s newsletter, I was asked for words of wisdom on employment market trends heading into 2024. Referencing a variety of reliable sources, all saying different things, I was able to project that 2024 is going to be another unpredictable year where no one knows what is going to happen until it happens. So, no point worrying about it. Expect the unexpected, pack a lunch, and get busy living.

Today being April Fools Day, it seems wholly appropriate that I am again being asked to ponder and provide insight as to where the employment world is headed as we embark into Q2 2024… and that insight came in the form of a simple, but great question from a candidate asking me about the mixed signals the employment market was sending him.

The question was, “Who is in charge (of the market) right now? Is it the companies who are hiring or the candidates who are looking for jobs?”

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